Customized Windows Logon

Customized Windows Logon 1.0

Set different kinds of identity checks for your customized Windows logon screen
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If you work in an organization, or running your own organization, then you need security for your personal and professional information. Here is a program which can help you to protect that information. Your computer is probably protected with a keyboard-typed password, which can be easily hacked nowadays. With this program, you can set a password not only with keys but also with different means like voice verification, smart cards, face biometrics, USB tokens, barcodes, fingerprint and retinal scanning, remote internet passwords and many more. This program supports Windows 98, 2000, XP and Windows NT 4.0.

It allows you to enhance the identity verification when creating a password. You can also just install a different logon screen, with three different types of themes for the logon window ("Global Warming", "AIDS" and "Save Wild Life"). Or you can type in a critical message to be displayed upon starting the computer.

For this security set to work, you need a sound card, a microphone and a TAPI modem as a basic startup requirement. The program is free to try, and is easy to use.

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  • Advanced security system
  • Multiple themes


  • Does not work with Vista
  • Logon window does not fit the screen fully
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